At Highgate, we welcome, celebrate and nurture children. They belong and participate in the life and worship of the church. We encourage the children to explore, learn and experience the love of Christ, and we know that children create opportunity for people of all ages to learn from, respect and appreciate one another. We extend hospitality to visitors and enjoy them as they come into our midst. Children are valued for the immense love and life they bring to the whole church community.


Kids@Highgate is a kids’ programme for children of all ages. We meet on Sunday mornings at Maori Hill Presbyterian Church at 10 am. Mid way through the service the children leave the service to attend their Kids@ programme. This starts with a joint time of sharing, singing etc and then divides into two different classes; an under five years programme and a five to eleven years programme.

There is a crèche area in the church that has some toys, games, paper and pencils. Parents with toddlers and babies are welcome to use this area. Highgate welcomes children and babies and all the sounds that they make. During term time, there is a under five aged programme that runs along side the Kids@ programme. 

This year, Kids@ (both the under 5s and over 5s) are using a new imaginative and innovative curriculum called ‘Holy Moly’ (you can learn more about this HERE)

The Kids@ team members are:
* Marissa Kelderman-Children’s and Families’ Worker.
* Julie Ryan -Kids@ Co-ordinator (responsible for the running of the Kids@ programme on Sunday morning)
*  Leah Cushen, Jane Davis-Rae, Callum Hayde, Marissa Kelderman, Julie Ryan, and Mark Thompson-Fawcett. Kids@ Teachers (responsible for teaching the children on a Sunday morning)
* Helpers (people from the congregation committed to helping out with the children’s programme)
* Kids@ Prayers (people from the congregation that have committed to praying for the children) 

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Communion is an important part of the church’s life, where everyone is encouraged to participate. This happens on the first Sunday of every month. On these Sundays, the children start in the Kids@ programme and then join the service for communion.




Celebration services are once a term. At this service, everyone stay together for the whole service. This is generally a slightly different style of service that caters for all age groups.




Each term, Kids@ holds a social event. Sometimes this only involves the Kids@ and their families, but other times it is open to the church and also the community. In the past, these events have been picnics in the park, star light story time (an evening of story telling), events around the church calender (eg. Shrove Tuesday, Advent) etc. This is a fantastic time where the kids, families and community can spend some time getting to know one another better.

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An important part of Kids@ is focusing on others, both in local community and other parts of the world. Each year, the children collect gifts to give to people and families that are struggling in their community. The children in Kids@ often raise money for different organisations or appeals.

In the church building, there are many places with information about Kids@ that is continually updated. When walking in the main door of the church, there is an area on the left which has Kids@ information. A Kids@ Newsletter is emailed every few weeks to keep families informed of all the things happening at Kids@. You can also keep up with the latest news on our upcoming events page and by following Highgate Presbyterian  on Facebook.