Welcome to the community who call themselves Highgate At Ten.  The ‘Ten” comes from the time we met to worship on Sunday morning prior to our relocation to Coronation Hall while decisions are made about the earthquake prone portion of 580 Highgate.

In this season of our life as congregation of people who find their life and hope in Jesus we gather for worship at 10:30 am in Coronation Hall, Balmacewen Rd.

Our worship begins with the congregation catching up briefly over refreshments as they arrive. Shortly after 10:30am we glide into worship led by adults and children. After we have prayed together, shared our news, and sung God’s praise our children and their leaders move to Kids@.

You will find the atmosphere welcoming and friendly, life related teaching based upon scripture, and encouragement ‘to live worshipfully, help others and have the habits of faith’. There are many opportunities to contribute to our life, on Sunday and during the week.

Our worship draws upon the riches of long valued words and music and more recent compositions that may one day be found among the treasures of the faith.

We have a shared fluid vision for life together for today and tomorrow – “Voices of Hope”. This series of statements contain word pictures of our preferred tomorrow.  We look for God nudges for which elements we work.

One of the most special ways we keep connected is through Local Communities. These are low demand groups whose people look out for one another, share all-age events like games nights, or do a movie and supper together.  The groups are generally geographic.

Beyond Sunday we look out for one another in small group life, our local community groups and informal getting together. Our Minister Rev. Geoffrey Skilton along with our elders respond to requests for pastoral care and spiritual guidance.

News and events in our life are shared in ‘Highgate At Ten Update’, a weekly email and Live Wire the parish monthly newsletter. Both publications may be subscribed to through the parish office. We may also be followed on Facebook.

Rev. Geoffrey Skilton
Office: 03 464 0158