B@tCH (Breakfast at the Coronation Hall)

We exist to encourage the people of our community to come into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

About us
We are a group of locals who, in 2003, felt called to offer an informal Christian service to our community. We liked the idea of sharing a meal and fellowship, and wanted to meet in a hall people associated with many different community activities.
The teaching is Christ centred, firmly grounded in scripture and presented in a challenging, relevant and fun format.
Our service time suits busy families with children involved in sport and other activities. Little ones are up early and love coming out for breakfast.

We meet at the Coronation Hall, at 5 Balmacewen Road, Maori Hill. Breakfast starts at 8.30 am, and the service begins at 8.50 am.  We finish sharp at 9.45 am.

Barry Kelk, Patricia McDonald, Megan Bryan, Helen Dunn, Graeme Flottmann, Bryan Kelk, Richard Linscott, Lynley MacArthur, Ian McDonald, Stephanie Pettigrew, Frances Ross, Barry Wright.
Barry Kelk was ordained for ministry within Highgate Parish at B@tCH in 2006.  He receives a half time stipend.

B@tCH Kids- BKs
Babies and children are welcome at B@tCH.  It is easy for parents to be within reach and sight of their children. We want the BKs to experience every aspect of B@tCH worship. So, apart from five or ten minutes when the school age may receive extra instruction in the BK room, children are in the main hall working away at their activities. We promote “parents as first teachers” asking parents to add to the BK talk of the day at home.

There is a weekly prayer time, open to all, at the Hall on Thursday night at 8pm in term time.  We pray for the Sunday service and other matters brought to our attention.The set up team pray again on Sunday morning as do the musicians after their practice.
Frances looks after “Prayers for Others”, an open slot in the service. She looks out for volunteers.
Prayers for one another happen after B@tCH.  Little groups often pray while tidy up goes on around them.
Home Groups are integral to B@tCH pastoral care with support and prayer for one another in their informal settings during the week.
Barry and/or Patricia are available for prayer ministry as needs arise.  Requests for such support and prayer are taken seriously.  So be sure to ask.

What else is on offer and who to ask   
At B@tCH we encourage folk to meet between Sundays for friendship and study. Options you could enquire about:

On Sunday …
Junior Youth Group (Y7 – 11)  Joanne

During the week
* Home Groups (Mon. Wed. Thurs.)   Ian
“Faith Box” for young families     Stephanie
* Men’s Breakfast (monthly) Richard K
* Groundswell for women  (one/two a term) Patricia 
* Movie Nights (when men arrange)    Graeme

We have on going mission projects. There is a basket near the door for non-perishable goods for the Presbyterian Support food bank. Fresh vegetables in the foyer can be taken in exchange for items put in the basket. Each week the BKs and others can put coins in the water bottle, also near the door, to support Tear Fund’s “Thirst for Life”. Annually, B@tCH gives a portion of the offerings to local, national and international projects as needs arise.

The Volunteer Army
B@tCH runs smoothly because of the time and energy put in by many week in week out. Hall set up and tidy up, kitchen preparation of breakfast, laying the table, dishes, food pick up, BK activity, care of food basket, sound and vision technicians, musicians, singers – there is something for everyone and we want people to be involved.  What might you enjoy?

B@tCH has expenses.  There is a box near the door for offerings towards the ministry costs, the breakfast, the Hall rent and mission beyond ourselves.   Speak with Bryan if you would like to give regularly through an automatic payment.

Elders on the Highgate Parish Council
Barry Kelk, Helen Dunn, Graeme Flottmann Frances Ross. This is a lay leadership although Barry was ordained to work within the Parish in 2006 and is now receiving a part stipend and Patricia is now employed for 8 hours a week as pastoral assistant.

Wider Church
We are part of the Highgate Presbyterian Church. There are three main services/congregations within the Parish:  B@tCH, Highgate@10 and the Table. The Table is a youth orientated service including tea at 6.00 pm on the last Sunday of every month over in the church hall. All welcome. Highgate@10 meet in the church at 10.00 am 52 Sundays a year. B@tCH meet in the Coronation Hall  8.30 am for breakfast during school term time.

The Thursday night Flyer email is the B@tCH Call to Worship.   Let Barry  know if you would like to receive it. To keep up with our latest news and activities ”like” us on Facebook.

  • Our Highgate office is located at  580 Highgate, Maori Hill, Dunedin.The office is open 9.00 am to midday Tuesday to Friday. Phone: (03) 464 0158. Email: office@highgatechurch.org.nz
  • Rev Barry Kelk   Phone: 027 375 5315 Email: barry(at)kelkphoto.co.nz
  • Kate Wilson (parish manager) Email: kate(at)highgatechurch.org.nz
  • http://www.highgatechurch.org.nz/

Coronation Hall B@tCH-Breakfast at the Coronation Hall 
5 Balmacewen Road, Maori Hill, DUNEDIN
Sundays at 8.30am, term time only