Giving Beyond Ourselves

God is generous. In Jesus, God repeatedly offers us acceptance and forgiveness. In God’s life among us we see again and again a spirit of abundance which breaks down barriers of social, gender and economic prejudice. In the upside down world of the kingdom of God, the last come first; insiders become the outsiders, the weak become strong, resources are shared lavishly. God gives. We reflect that aspect of God’s nature in our ‘Giving Beyond Ourselves’.

One of the “habits of faith” that we are called to practice as God’s people is that of generous giving (e.g. Matt 5:42; 2Cor 8). Many of us have practices of giving as individuals, couples, or families – not only in the resources of time and money we contribute toward our church community, but also by responding generously to other needs we are aware of – in our neighbourhood, city, nation and beyond.

Solar water pump installed with funds raised by Highgate community

Solar water pump installed with funds raised by Highgate community

At this time we are partnering with Vaum Junior Secondary, Paama, Vanuatu, to complete a number of water, safety and hygiene projects. There are a number of mini- Projects You Can Help With which a work party from the congregation and community hope to complete in the period 22 August – 2 September 2016   Members of the work party from Highgate are self-funding their travel, accommodation etc. You can contribute with prayer, with finance, or as a member of the work party. All monies raised or donated go to the resourcing the mini-projects.

Our goal is to annually contribute financially at least 5% of our giving to people beyond the congregations. In recent years some of the people and causes we have contributed to the include Tear Fund and Christian World Service, Te Hou Ora, the education and welfare of children in Madagascar and Vanuatu.