The Ministry Team

                   Geoffrey-profile photo
Geoffrey Skilton
Minister – Ordained December 1987 

Highgate Ministry Team Leader

Geoffrey is an able pastor, leader and preacher.  He has particular interests in seeing Highgate Presbyterian Church offer people the opportunity to grow as Holy Spirit filled followers of Jesus. Mission in our neighbourhood and beyond challenge and refresh him. Sharing chaplaincy in Columba College with team member Barry Kelk; building a relationship between Vaum Junior Secondary School, Paama Island, Vanuatu and the parish are expressions of his mission focus. Not everything he does is centred in the faith community he is a keen lawn bowler, a richly blessed one eyed Highlander (converted from an amateur era Wellington supporter), fan of the music of Christy Moore and more recently Imelda May. Want to chat about your faith, doubts, participation in ‘Voices of Hope’, the stuff of life? Give him a call. He’s known to like a coffee or three….

Contact Geoffrey:

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Barry Kelk  

Locally Ordained Minister – Ordained 2006
Breakfast at the Coronation Hall (B@tCH)
Barry is married to Kerry Crosland and he has three sons, two daughters in-law and two grandchildren. He works part time for Kerry in the photography firm he launched 35 years ago. Before that he was a primary school teacher. Barry has a passion for ministry in the local schools (one of the reasons B@tCH is in the school hall) and the local village which he has been a resident in for nearly 60 years. He is co chaplain at Columba College, fills a chaplaincy type roll at Maori Hill School and is involved in governance at John McGlashan College.
He would describe himself as a one time staunch, fairly fundamental Jesus follower who has done some study, heaps of wising up, been afforded much grace and is coming out much more user friendly than he was. Barry believes firmly in the ‘nudging’ Spirit of God. He has had some experience with the ‘Fresh Expressions’ movement and this is still a passion for him. Ministry reviews indicate that he does a better than OK talk at B@tCH, is quite creative and always on for a coffee or a visit.

Contact Barry:
Mobile: 027 3755315 ( leave a message in case he’s on a shoot)
Email: barry(at)

Jono-profile photo

Jono Ryan
Minister – Ordained 2008
The Table 
Jono has served in a variety of roles in our parish, but his current focus is supporting the leadership team of The Table, and providing The Table congregation with opportunities for faith formation. Alongside this role, Jono is pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Otago, exploring themes of economic inequality and Christian community. With their children, Jono and his wife Julie enjoy getting outdoors on bikes or tramping, trying to grow their own food, drinking coffee, and listening to good music.

Contact Jono:
Email: jono(at)

Marissa HG@10

Marissa Kelderman
Children and Families’ Worker
B@tCH/Highate at Ten
Marissa is married to Brad and they have three daughters.  They have recently moved to Dunedin from up north, and love the southern hospitality.  Marissa’s background is youth work and is excited to use this experience in a new role. Her passion is for community, and seeing young people grow in their faith.  She loves to get to know new people and would be delighted if you need to contact her for any reason.

Contact Marissa:
Email: marissa(at)


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Kate Wilson 
Is our parish manager and works closely with the office administrative assistant, the Treasurer, and the Finance & Property Committee to provide the often unseen administrative skeleton that enables the more visible ministry of the parish to function.




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Angela Anderson
Is our office administrative assistant. She welcomes our visitors with a warm smile and will do a  thousand and one tasks that are often unseen which keep the wheels running.