The Highgate Parish straddles the first west ridge that rises up immediately behind the Dunedin city centre, being just 1 km from the downtown area. The most extensive range of facilities in the Parish are found at Roslyn Village, which provides local retail and supermarket premises, restaurants and cafes, and other community and health services. The Maori Hill hub is also within the Parish area, offering some convenience shopping, dining and community and health services.


There are several schools in the immediate area:

There are also a number of other primary and secondary (both state and integrated) schools also within walking distance of the Parish vicinity (including Otago Girls’ High, Otago Boys’ High and Kaikorai Valley College).

Location Maps

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Maori Hill and B@tCH locations

Aerial Photograph showing Maori Hill Church and Coronation Hall (just above it). (Click photo to enlarge it).

Other Features

Dunedin as a whole has an excellent range of amenities for its 122,000 residents, and boasts long daylight hours in summer, less than 800mm of rain each year, and 3.6 days of snow annually! (see www.CityofDunedin.com)

We play our part in the Presbytery of Dunedin and are part with our neighbours in the Hills Region of Churches – Mornington, Flagstaff (Wakari/Halfway Bush), Kaikorai and Brockville.